How To Rock That Overweight Look


Pic Courtesy - Omkar Chavan

| Dress - H&M | Shoes-Adidas Originals | Jewellery - Hindi Hippy |
| Bag - Borrowed from a Friend | Lipstick - M.A.C|

Hey Bohemians,

 How have you all been? It's been quite some time since I have written anything out here. Talk about consistency, eh?!? Although, I try a lot to maintain the blogging spirit but I am never sure whether I am here for the long haul. I definitely want to keep on writing about fashion and all things that you all relate to personally but again I am not sure of how much of my personal life should I reveal out here in the public space. Understanding the fact that I chose to put up a fashion blog, I have my own doubts of how people would take all my opinions. So I decided to just write about it once and for all and get it over with.

The reason I put off writing continuously on my blog is because I don’t want to be part of the many blogger groups who write just about their flowery lives and how magical their journey is. Let’s agree that there are good days and bad days. I know that one might say that they don’t want to talk about the negative aspects of their lives online but speaking the truth, life is never positive without a negative. So why not discuss about the negatives and then find solutions to lead a positive and happy life. Therefore, I decided to talk about the way we feel negative and conscious about ourselves when it comes to fashion and how to find positive solutions that will help us get on track. Because, the way we look is not of course ‘the only’ but indeed a very important parameter for a confident life.

For instance, I never really had a weight issue in my life. Not that I had a perfect model body (because of-course, I’m not a model), but I always managed to look lean. So now as I’m approaching towards my 30’s, I am realizing that with the ignorant lifestyle I have, I have suddenly started putting on a lot of weight. It has been so annoying when people judge me because I have a flab or a big gut or muscular arms. Frankly speaking my weight was the least of the things that bothered me but the opinions of the people drove me crazy. Like for example, while working for a reputable brand last year, the people working their called me fat because I was the most overweight girl there. They said that I should lose weight to look good and compared me with the other girls around me. Not to comment personally, but how much I loved the way those girls looked, I hated the way their fake lives were. They could never find topics to have meaningful discussions on and when they did, they never made sense to me. Not to forget the fake accents. I used to get bothered a lot initially by what they thought about me and I did try losing weight to fit in the herd. But then I realized that I have been so silly about the whole thing. If people have a problem with the way I look, it is their problem, not mine. So first thing I did was changing the way I looked at myself. I agreed to the fact that I am overweight but did not forget that I still rock the way I look. For all those girls, going through the same phase, just repeat the last sentence. I promise you’ll feel so much better. I still do want to lose weight but this time not for them but for me and my main motivation is the fear of falling for an extremely unhealthy lifestyle. For example, I can’t climb to the third floor without running out of breath. I just gasp and I feel like throwing up most of the times after taking long walks. So, I have started taking dance lessons and watching what I eat because of the fear of getting unhealthy at such an early age. Despite all these issues, I did manage to look my best (at-least I think so..hehe). So I thought of sharing some tips I adopted to look great and feel confident during this phase:

  1.       To start off, I weigh 61 kgs and I wear clothes between M-L now. My waist size is 30 and I have awesome fat stored all around my abs. Hehe!! But don’t worry girls, there is always a solution for it.
  2.      First off, what really worked for me is wearing anything that is comfortable around my stomach area because extremely body hugging clothes would never do justice to our comfort levels.
  3.       Some of the combinations I go for are :
  •      Long A-line kurtis with comfortable leggings.  I try keeping off of the short kurti-patiala combination because that makes me look short and stuffed.
  •        Wearing short waist length kurtis on denims.
  •       My husband’s old printed shirts with leggings or tights. I button up my shirt all the way to the top to give more structure and I roll my sleeves.
  •        Linen is a great idea. Linen dresses, Linen shirts, Linen pants. Works amazing!
  •       Shift dresses: The whole idea is to wear a loose long shift dress which cuts the focus from the stomach and focuses more on the lean legs.
  •       Wearing a jacket or a kimono over a denim or a short dress.
  •       Wearing loose mom’s denim or boyfriend jeans along with crop tops or small shirts.
  •      Ripped denims shifts the focus from the heavy gut to the style of the denim. Just walk it off. People will so be busy understanding the rip of your denim that they barely will make it to the stomach area. Haha.
  •      Slit skirts are a great idea with a tucked in shirt. Again button up the shirt to the top. I wear a bow tie to give it a personal style.
  •      Layering is coolsvills. The winter is here. Grab the chance to wear a sweater on top of a shirt  on top of a t-shirt. Just experiment.
  •      I stay away from short sleeves because that makes my arms look heavy. So three-forth sleeves works the best for me.
  •       I wear dresses that are structured and with a great fit.

     4.  Although, Deepika Padukone is so fit and fabulous, I always look up to her for fashion inspirations. That girls's got some tips up her sleeves.

     5.  Nothing works without a great smile. So don’t forget wearing it before leaving the house.

If you guys have more questions, feel free to drop me a mail or just tweet me here.

Also, I have started an online jewellery store called HINDI HIPPY with a very dear friend and I hope you guys visit it and spread the word. In fact, the pictures were shot for Hindi Hippy itself. Hope you guys liked it. Thank you so much for the time.

                                                        So much Love

P.S. - Posting pictures of a recent shoot for Hindi Hippy. The pictures are shot by the amazing Omkar Chavan. You can see his fabulous work here.

Also, the dress I am wearing is another example of how, with the right clothes, one can rock being fat or overweight. 

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