‘La Vie Boheme’ means The Bohemian life in French. It's about life of the people who live for and by their art without worries and are known for their vagabond lifestyle, for the pursuit of music, color, and relationships. Dazzled by the phrase, I decided to give my blog this name because fashion is also about a lifestyle which is crazy, unattached, unbound and free.

My Blog La Vie Boheme is a maverick, free spirited and a “just out there” blog strongly inspired by what I have been fancying my entire life – “Fashion”. And going along the lines of a wonderful Bohemian era fashion is witnessing, I decided to contribute my ideas and thoughts, thus taking my love affair (with fashion, of course) to new heights. Intention is to cover the jazz and snazz life of fashion and is dedicated to all the wonderful girls who are proud, fearless and fun in this merry-andrew world.

Hoping to have all of you join me to experience this crazy yet stupendous journey of ‘La Vie Boheme’.

Till then stay chic.




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